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This is my (in)activity log. You might like to visit Collabora Productivity a subsidiary of Collabora focusing on LibreOffice support and services for whom I work. Also if you have the time to read this sort of stuff you could enlighten yourself by going to Unraveling Wittgenstein's net or if you are feeling objectionable perhaps here. Failing that, there are all manner of interesting things to read on the LibreOffice Planet news feed.

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Collabora Online Developer Edition (CODE)

Today we release an easy way to get stuck into playing with LibreOffice online alongside ownCloud - please do checkout the CODE page and have a play. The purpose of my blog here is to credit the people involved in the development so far: currently all of the core work is by Collabora - that's something we hope that making it easier to get involved will improve.

Some background

The history of the code we're showing today goes a long way back, but the specific pieces necessary for this work are rather newer. The initial work done around adapting LibreOfficeKit to implement tiled viewing of documents (for Android) whereby LibreOffice provides a simple API to produce pixels from abstract document regions was implemented by a Smoose and Collabora partnership.

Follow-on work to get basic editing functionality exposed via the LibreOfficeKit API was funded by The Document Foundation - which enabled basic editing on Android.

Then, after a hiatus, IceWarp weighed in and invested in the implementation of LibreOffice Online with Collabora; huge cudos to them. Its great to work alongside them.

Naturally a fundamental piece of bringing LibreOffice to the web, is LibreOffice itself. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to making it the success it is today.

Hard work from many Collaborans

Having credited those funding and investing in the work alongside Collabora, its well worth calling out the engineers that put their sweat and tears (hopefully no blood) into the work. Splitting down who did what here is somewhat complicated, since there are four main pieces, and some of the work overlaps several of these, but lets try; unless stated all the work is from Collabora:

Web Services Daemon


This API is provided by the LibreOffice core, and is used by both Android, LibreOffice Online, and GNOME Documents to do both tiled rendering and adding editing support.

JavaScript / leaflet

Shared front-end / backend bits

There are some chunks of work that are sufficiently wide-ranging that they involve significant work in both the client Javascript, and the LibreOfficeKit implementation, as well as touching the Web Services Daemon.

OwnCloud integration

Thanks again to all of our engineers who made this happen, and to all those whose work we built it upon.


CODE, as is true of all Free Software, builds heavily on previous work done by many. Having said that, Collabora through the skill and dedication of our engineers, have clearly contributed huge amounts of expertise and effort to architect and implement this exciting new development in Cloud based productivity. We thank all our partners and customers who have worked alongside us to enable that. To play with it now and get involved please checkout the CODE.

My content in this blog and associated images / data under images/ and data/ directories are (usually) created by me and (unless obviously labelled otherwise) are licensed under the public domain, and/or if that doesn't float your boat a CC0 license. I encourage linking back (of course) to help people decide for themselves, in context, in the battle for ideas, and I love fixes / improvements / corrections by private mail.

In case it's not painfully obvious: the reflections reflected here are my own; mine, all mine ! and don't reflect the views of Collabora, SUSE, Novell, The Document Foundation, Spaghetti Hurlers (International), or anyone else. It's also important to realise that I'm not in on the Swedish Conspiracy. Occasionally people ask for formal photos for conferences or fun.

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